Slick Willy, Bibi, and ($$$) Grateful Arab Petro-Potentates

Slick Willy, Bibi, and ($$$) Grateful Arab Petro-Potentates…

by Gerald A. Honigman

Hey, I voted for the guy…twice.

I had high hopes for the Man from Hope. But, then again, I voted for Mr. Peanut–Apartheid Israel–Jimmy Carter too.

Can’t say I haven’t given Democrats a chance…

So, what I have to say next is not coming from the mouth of some right-wing extremist, and it’s not for nothing that William Jefferson Clinton has come to be known as Slick Willy.

Like France’s Sarkozy, President Obama, and others as well, former President Bill Clinton (you know, the guy who proved he could multi-task while smoking cigars, having oral sex, and talking to Congressmen on the phone in the White House) doesn’t like Israel’s Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu very much.

Truth be told, regardless of his human flaws, in many ways Bibi indeed shines when compared to those now flinging manure his way.

You see, the real problem that many have with Netanyahu goes beyond his individual self. It has lots to do, instead, with too much of the Gentile world having to deal with any Jews who dare to demand something beyond perpetual fragility in their individual and collective existence.

The whole issue regarding building freezes and settlements, for example, which has Clinton, Obama, Sarkozy, & Co. all hot and bothered, has to do with whether or not Jews get to have a state larger than an oversized ghetto or not. Recall that the very word ghetto itself was born of the experience imposed upon Jews by others in the Diaspora. And much of the world still resents Napoleon’s precedent-setting freeing of the Jews from it a few centuries back.

The UN-imposed armistice lines of 1949, marking the spots where fighting stopped after a half dozen Arab nations invaded a resurrected Israel in 1948, were never meant to be Israel’s permanent political borders. They left Israel a mere sardine can of a state, with most of its exposed population concentrated in the nine to fifteen-mile wide mid-section of the country. The issue finally came to a head after the Arabs’ renewed attempt on Israel’s life in 1967, starting with their blockade of the Jewish State–a casus belli.

As has been repeated too many times (but with no choice, since folks like Slick Willy pretend they know nothing of it), at the end of those hostilities in June ’67, the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242 promised that Israel would never have to return to its former, indefensible, armistice line existence again. Real, more secure borders were promised at the end of the peace-making process–not a return to the status quo ante. All of the architects of 242 confirmed this, as did Presidents such as Johnson and Reagan.

Now, while Obama is simply wrong in claiming that his own demand of Israel to forsake the promise of 242 for a reasonable territorial compromise over the disputed territories to appease the Arabs does not deviate from prior American policies (his own immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, gave Israel a letter stating that it was not expected to return to the ’49 armistice lines– and he called them just that…not “borders” ), Slick Willy carries most of the blame for this nasty development. Let me explain…

At Camp David and Taba in 2000 (after already having Arafat to the White House numerous times), Clinton, having a willing accomplice in another of too many Hebrew pipe-dreamers, Prime Minister Ehud Barak (now Bibi’s Defense Minister–with visions of becoming Prime Minister again if Obama has his way), pressured Israel into relinquishing the small semblance of justice 242 had finally granted it.

With some presidential arm twisting–Ehud Barak agreed to basically give up almost all of the disputed territory in question in Judea and Samaria–aka the “West Bank”–where Jews had thousands of years of history and had lived clear up until the 1920s and 1930s when Arabs massacred them and the newly-formed Jordanian Arab state forbade their residence in.

While Arafat refused Clinton’s offer (which included a $ 33 billion aid package in a contiguous state, not disconnected “cantons,” according to Middle East Envoy Denis Ross, who witnessed it all), that offer–in which Israel was now on record (despite statements that it was “a one- time deal”)willingly abandoning the more secure, defensible borders promised by 242–then became the new starting point for all subsequent negotiations afterwards.

Complicating matters further, the rival French version of 242–the one that was not accepted as the final draft–completely ignored the issue of the necessity of territorial compromise. France was all set to force Israel back to its pre-’67, 9-15-mile wide existence, leaving it once again perpetually ripe for invasion and bisection by enemies sworn to its demise.

For his part, Clinton is probably still upset that he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize for his peace efforts over this.

But, fear not, for Slick Willy’s efforts did not have him walking away empty-handed. Among other things, they resulted in scores of millions of dollars being delivered to him from his Arab buddies for his library, Foundation, and so forth.

Back in late September of this year, Foreign Policy Magazine quoted Clinton as saying that Bibi was responsible for killing the peace process since he “… moved the goalposts upon taking power, and whose rise represents a key reason there has been no Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.”

While it is true that Bibi, a bit more than Ehud Barak (but actually not by much– unfortunately), dares to insist that the final draft of 242’s promise of more secure borders is not something that should simply be tossed out of the window, ignored are the facts that even Israel’s allegedly “moderate” latter-day Arafatian peace partners of Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas still insist that, even if Israel returns to the ’49 armistice lines, they will never recognize Israel as a state of the Jews.

Furthermore, Arabs also insist that Israel–after returning to those Auschwitz Lines–next consent to allowing its Jews to be overwhelmed by millions of allegedly returning Jihadi refugees. Recall that more Jews fled so-called “Arab” lands than Arabs who fled in the opposite direction due to a war that Arabs started themselves upon their invasion of the sole, minuscule, reborn Jewish state in 1948. Unlike Arabs, the Jews did not have numerous other states to choose from.

And Slick Willy knows all of this, as does Sarkozy, Obama, and the State Department–now with Clinton’s wife at the helm (who also likes to badmouth Israeli leaders who don’t grovel and prostrate themselves low enough to others’ demands).

Obama picked up on Clinton’s Camp David and Taba “peace” moves big time even before taking office in 2008.

While still Senator Obama, he was quoted as saying that Israel would be crazy if it refused the alleged Saudi Peace Plan–the one that Clinton evidentally regards as the harbinger of the messianic age as well. You know, the plan which calls for Israel’s total return to the ’49 lines and its inundation by gadzillions of Jihadis afterwards.

Ugh! Those unreasonable, crazy Jews…

Obama repeated his “crazy” statement after assuming the presidency and brought it up even more recently when he tried (like Slick Willy) to portray Netanyahu as some sort of unreasonable extremist because Judeans–Jews–were insisting that they had a right to live in Judea…what the building freeze and settlements issues are all about. It backfired on him big time, however–to the point that even one of his staunchest supporters, Senator Harry Reid, sided with Bibi rather than Obama on this issue.

Regardless of all the above, there is no getting around these next statements if true peace is ever to come between Arab and Jew in the region…

If well over one million Arabs are allowed to live in Israel without fear for their lives or getting their derrieres booted out, then Jews must once again be able to live in parts of Judea and Samaria as well. Those were not “purely Arab” lands and were non-apportioned territories of the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine. Recall that what is now the Arab nation of “Jordan” was itself formed from almost 80% of the Mandate’s territory in 1922.

What Slick Willy, Obama, and others are taking Bibi to task for (hey, Obama will have a library and such someday too, and if Clinton already has received scores of millions of dollars from Arab benefactors, just imagine what awaits Barack Hussein Obama…arguably the most dangerous American President Israel has ever encountered ) is the creation of a second state for Arabs (if not a third…if the Jews get overwhelmed in what’s left of Israel) in Palestine–not a first–and state # 22 (if not actually # 23 !) for Arab nationalism in all. And they demand that that additional Arab state not have to make any hard compromises itself regarding the legitimate, basic needs of its alleged Israeli peace partner.

Compromise is always the key to lasting peace between parties in dispute…if peace is what is truly being sought.

The architects of the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242 thought and fought long and hard over these issues, and their wisdom is as valid today as it was over four decades ago regarding Arab-Israeli peace making.

Despite the attacks on Israeli leaders who show some backbone in insisting upon justice for their nation and people by the likes of Slick Willy, Sarkozy, and President Obama, the words of 242’s chief architect, Great Britain’s Lord Caradon, and leaders such as President Johnson are as essential today as they were when uttered back in 1967. Here’s Lord Caradon…

It would have been wrong to demand Israel return to positions of June 4, 1967 … those positions were … artificial … just places where soldiers of each side happened to be on the day fighting stopped in 1948 … just armistice lines. That’s why we didn’t demand Israelis return to them.

And President Johnson on June 19, 1967…

A return to the situation on June 4 (the day before outbreak of war) was not a prescription for peace but for renewed hostilities.

He then called for…

new recognized boundaries that would provide security against terror, destruction, and war.

Despite all of the relentless pressure, Israel must insist that the emergence of any 22nd state for Arabs not come at its own demise, exposing the necks of its children (which Arabs indeed deliberately target) even further than it has already…regardless of what the likes of sleazebag Slick Willy have to say.

And for those (especially head-in-the-sand Lefty Hebrews) who think that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is any better when it comes to this subject and Jews in general, fagedaboudit…

When Bill lost his bid for office in Arkansas decades ago, it was widely reported by credible sources that she screamed at a non-Jewish man associated with the campaign, calling him a “f_ _ _ ing Jew b_ _ t _ _ d.”

So, my advice to Bibi is to take heart, and not worry about what the likes of such folks as the Clintons say.

A wise Rabbi (Hillel) who lived a few millennia ago said…

“If I am not for myself, then who will be? But if I am only for myself, then what am I?”

Note, please, that man is not expected to commit suicide to help others…especially when the others want you dead.

That goes for Jews too–regardless of what Arabs and their assorted mouthpieces and petro-dollar addicted cheerleading squads have in mind.

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