Disproving The Myth Of Smart Jews

Disproving The Myth Of Smart Jews…

by Gerald A. Honigman

Israel has been doing the above a lot lately.

Not knowing how to say no to those shoving a peace of the grave “peace” deal with the “good” terrorists of Fatah rather than the “bad” ones of Hamas comes to mind for starters.

And, for quite some time, it has put up with outright treason from Arab citizens who side with Hamas and others who work towards Israel’s destruction. This has included involvement in terrorism, attacks and intimidation of Jews, collaboration with the enemy, and so forth. This also includes Arab representatives in Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset.

Imagine what would happen to Jews, Copts, Kurds, or others doing likewise in “Arab” countries.

Treason is well defined, and there’s no doubt in many of these cases. The derrieres of such folks need to be kicked over the goal post and out of the country. And this includes some Jew idiots as well.

Now, to be fair, what’s good for the Jew idiot and Arab Islamofascist must also be good for the Russian neo-Nazi…

Dumb Jews, yet again…

What are they trying to prove?

After waiting for millennia for the resurrection of their nation, too many seem either complacent or ignorant of that which festers in their midst…as if there weren’t enough non-self-inflicted problems to deal with.

It turns out that neo-Nazi groups surfacing in Israel have been around for some time …attacking Jews, defacing synagogues, and so forth.

I’ve seen interviews where Jews have told of wanting to convert to Christianity due to the anti-Semitism they faced in their schools…in Israel!

It turns out that during the great exodus from the Soviet Union (and Russia after its collapse), not a few non-Jews made their way into Israel and took up residence. They’re now laughing their arses off at the dumb Yids.

This is beyond nauseating.

They’ve come into a country formed from the most persecuted people this planet has ever seen and proceed to dish out the same manure they did for centuries in the old country where Jews had no choice but to be on the receiving end.

But there is a choice now.

And their presence in Israel makes a mockery of the latter’s very existence.

When will Jews stop trying to prove that they’re better Christians than Christians?

There’s no cheek to turn on this matter. It must be dealt with firmly.

Too many Jews who dreamt of Zion did not live to see its resurrection.

Allowing such vermin to live in the land is nothing short of disgracing the memories of untold numbers of Jewish martyrs.

Neo-Nazi treason must also get the boot. Send them to their fellow Aryan nation–Ahmadinejad’s Iran.

Jews must not hide behind a liberal open door policy…as tempting as it is for too many of my left-leaning, head-in-the-sand brethren.

That policy must be reserved for those truly deserving of it. And Israel has done just that with non-Jews in the past.

But to allow this for those who openly declare their hatred of the people and the nation they took up residence in is insane. And cowardly.

Now, shuhhh…You didn’t hear what’s below from me…

Before getting the boot, wouldn’t it be nice if some Israeli special forces accidentally happen to come across some of those neo-Nazi meeting places?

Nice send off…don’t ya think?

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